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Automist Smartscan|Fire sprinkler evolved

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The smarter, modern equivalent to a fire sprinkler system


Direct targeting

Automist Smartscan® suppresses fires more efficiently by targeting the origin of the fire directly.

Minimises damage

Unlike conventional sprinklers, Automist Smartscan® can be stopped once the fire is extinguished, minimising potential water damage.

Sprinkler fire performance

Automist Smartscan® has met the fire performance standards outlined.

Robust activation

Automist Smartscan® is triggered by reliable detectors and therefore is not prone to false alarms like a smoke alarm.

Less disruption

The average retrofit and installation process takes just a few hours with minimal impact to the building or disruption to daily lives.

Low maintenance

The annual maintenance is quick and simple, taking just a few minutes.

Automist Smartscan has a rotating head that directly targets fires with a powerful jet of water mist. It has been proven to achieve the same performance as residential sprinkler systems, & uses 90% less water resulting in minimal water damage to the living space.

Technical Datasheet

Feature Automist Smartscan
Spray head 50 mm deep wall box mounted 1200 - 1300 mm from the ground
Activation Method Ceiling mounted heat detector triggers scanning infrared pyrometer
Suppression 5.6 litres per minute vertical watermist blade made of droplets less than 100 µm in size
Pump 385 mm (height) by 216 mm (length) by 151 mm (width) and weighs 6.0 kg connected to a 3/4” water supply
Electrics 10A 230V electrical supply with suitable type C circuit breaker or fuse



Whether the fire was near, far, shielded or ventilated, it passed the same performance tests that are applied to both conventional sprinklers & watermist sprinklers.

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Smartscan red dot winner

Automist Smartscan has been awarded the sought-after Red Dot: Best of the Best, the highest accolade available from the annual Red Dot Award for Product Design. This year the prize received over 5,200 entries and Automist Smartscan was one of just 79 to be awarded the highest distinction: Best of the Best.